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Protecting God's Children

The Protecting God’s Children™  Program for Adults was purchased to educate every priest, employee, and volunteer who works with children about the harms of child sexual abuse and what they can do to prevent it. The Safe Environment Coordinator organizes the training sessions as well as administers the web-based online system that tracks who has been trained. The system provides follow-up information and reinforcement to facilitators and to participants who have been trained. 

The Protecting God’s Children™ program is a three-hour video presentation. Any adult volunteer who comes into contact with children is required to attend this program. Workshops require PRE-registration.

FAQs About Protecting Youth

Who should attend?

All employees are required to attend this training.  Any volunteer who comes in contact with children must also attend this training.

Are non-Catholic Boy Scout leaders, coaches and volunteers required to attend the training?

Yes. Adult volunteers, regardless of faith, must attend the training, if during their scope and duties as a volunteer they come into contact with children.

What does the program cost?

There is no direct financial cost to host the program. However, it is appropriate for the host parish to provide snacks for the break during the presentation

When is the training given?

Individual parishes and parish organizations may schedule training for members of the school and parish. To do so, please call the Safe Environment Coordinator to arrange a meeting date and receive the paperwork associated with hosting the meeting. Pre-registration is required for all training sessions. Check the calendar for upcoming sessions.

How does a pastor or principal know that the employee/volunteer has attended?

The employee/volunteer should be able to produce the certificate of attendance to show to the pastor/ principal. If you have misplaced the certificate, you can contact the Safe Environment Coordinator’s office for a replacement.  

At every PGC training session, “sign-in sheets” are distributed. If a parish is not aware of who attended, they may obtain a copy of these sheets from the Safe Environment Coordinator.  If a volunteer attended at another parish, and the volunteer can provide the location where attended, it can be verified by review of the sign-in list.

Does the attendee receive verification of his/her attendance at a PGC program?

At the conclusion of the program, all who attend receive a certificate of attendance. The employee/volunteer should retain this certificate.

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