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St. Theresa school is part of the St. Theresa Parish family, a  Roman Catholic Family of Faith, centered in the Holy Eucharist, faithful to the Church’s teachings, consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima.  We bring the Light of Christ to each other and to our community. We are committed to achieving excellence in academics, inspiring leadership, and promoting community service.

Our Character/Our Beliefs

Our primary responsibility is to educate the whole person, spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.


Our educational community exemplifies our Catholic identity through our lives of faithful witness and service to others.


Our moral character, based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, respects the dignity of all persons.


Our emphasis on differentiated instruction is designed to promote the academic growth of all of our students.


Our commitment to global awareness, participation, and collaboration is designed to foster connections that build understanding and acceptance of the global community through the lens of the Gospel.


Our commitment to leadership development is also designed to provide opportunity for all students and faculty to grow into leadership positions as their interests, skills, and commitment grow during the course of their education or service to the school.


Our love of teaching and learning facilitates a perspective on helps them develop their own motivation and abilities for managing their learning now and in the future.

Profile of Our Graduates

Graduates will be

  1. role-models of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  2. life-long learners who have successfully completed all Diocesan Requirements for graduation.

  3. Leaders and Followers who demonstrate integrity and moral character

  4. Able to articulate their ideas and opinions in civil dialogue

  5. Prepared for engagement and service within their community, state and nation

Our History

Hellertown is an historic community that was founded in 1742 by Christopher Heller.  The Catholic Faith took root in Hellertown in the 1920’s when the parish was first founded as a mission to Saints Cyril and Methodius Church in Bethlehem.  It was first known under the name the mission of Saints Nerius and Achilleus, created to serve the Slovak heritage Catholics. In 1925 the parish became St. Theresa Parish as a territorial parish.

In 1924, Father Check, the pastor at the time, organized the school age children and started catechetical classes.  The Sisters of St. Francis who were stationed in Bethlehem came to instruct the children on a regular basis. We are fortunate to continue to have the support a religious community with the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who are an integral part of our mission.

Right: Father Check - original pastor when school was founded

Eighth Grade Graduate:Rita Bartolet

In 1938 an agreement was made with the School Sisters of St. Francis and two sisters were sent to serve the parish. In September of 1938 classes for grades 1-4 started and held in the convent. School for the first eight grades opened in September 1939. Late in 1938 the intention was to build a school and an additional lot on Leonard Street was purchased.  In 1939 plans were drawn up and house-to-house canvassing was held to fund the capital expenditure. No contractor was hired and Father Check and the parishioners undertook the job of building the school.  Beginning in the early spring of 1939, the parish men began to dig the foundation.  After considerable setbacks, the school was under roof by the end of 1939.  The dedication of the building, completely built by parishioners, took place on May 30, 1941.

Left: Eighth Grade graduate, Rita Bartolet

Right: Rita Bartolet's original St. Theresa School beanie worn prior to the advent of school uniforms. The girls wore the cap daily for morning mass.

In 1941, the basement of the school was completed in order to provide additional classrooms.  Other additions were made in 1957 and 1961.  In 1965 a library was placed in the Rectory and a School Computer Lab was added in the Rectory as well.  That area today is the Libary and STREAM/MakerSpace area of the school.  The School added additions for the Principals Office and a Health Room in the 1970's.   These areas were converted to the Principal's Office and the Secretary's Office in 2018 at which time the school also added a new Security System.  The School has added a wide range of technology since 2007 and uses cutting edge technology in its classroom instruction.

Right: Rita Bartolet's original St. Theresa School beanie worn prior to the advent of school uniforms. The girls wore the cap daily for morning mass.

Today St. Theresa continues to be a treasure to the Parish as a haven for spiritual, academic and emotional growth for the youth of the Parish and surrounding areas.  Catholic values, academic excellence and support of the whole child assures that the leaders of tomorrow are well equipped to deal ethically and intelligently with the future world in which they will live.  Our mission is accomplished with the support of the whole St. Theresa community – parents, students, faculty and staff.

Left: 1939 class photo of students with the Sisters of St. Frances

Have memorabilia or images from your history at St. Theresa's? We'd love for you to share them with us and possibly feature them on our website or social media. Please contact Ms. Jacque Parker, Director of Advancement


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