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With one-to-one computing in the classrooms Blended Learning, or "Integrated Technology" is at the core of our educational approach. All students, from our Prek3 year old program up through eighth grade, have opportunities to participate in Blended learning experiences, such as: interactive and virtual science experiments, tours and field trips; on-line courses through Kahn Academy and Code.org; and other computer-based instructional tools to support content curriculum and collaboration between students and teachers.

Blended learning also allows us to differentiate instruction for the students by allowing us to access many different types and levels of instructional materials to assist students who need additional support and/or practice with content skill areas, as well as allowing for our gifted students to explore new and interesting areas of the curriculum content that we might not be able to cover during a regular classroom session.

As our school continues to explore ways in which we can incorporate and utilize the vast educational resources of the Internet we will continue to extend the opportunities for our students to engage in blended learning experiences. We are committed, not only to the concept of blended learning but to its value to enhance the educational experiences of all of the children we serve here at St. Theresa School.


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